Inclusive, holistic care for migrant and refugee victims of sexual violence

The EU-funded project “Inclusive, holistic care for migrant and refugee victims of sexual violence” (INHeRE), coordinated by Prof. Ines Keygnaert, from the University of Ghent, with the participation of a broad consortium, Payoke, aims to strengthen the capacity building of key professionals working with vulnerable...

Social work tools for long-term integration

Independent living skill training, mentoring, and transitional housing are some of the transferable tools Payoke and its partners are releasing at the closing of the AMIF-funded project “Life Beyond the Shelter”. The project goal is to enhance long-term support for third-country national trafficked persons as...

Multi-lingual brochure for victims of human trafficking

This brochure, available in 22 languages and written in a simple language, helps presumed victims better understand their situation, aims to enhance their capacity for self-report and illustrate the services available to them.  

The Payoke Way

A manual on how to establish and operate a shelter for victims of human trafficking, based on Payoke’s 30+ years of experience. Go to Skribis to purchase the book.

A directory of European hotlines

(2014) A Directory of European Hotlines and Information Points about Human Trafficking. The directory is meant to  help practitioners  identify and contact the services in the country where the victim has to be referred in order to ensure their recovery and rehabilitation and promote their...

Understanding loverboys

(issued in English in 2018) What is a loverboy? Do you have a bad boyfriend? How do you recognize a victim? A guide and checklist to keep yourself and loved ones safe. 

The stories behind the loverboy phenomenon

(issued in English in 2018) Sometimes called Romeo pimps, teenage pimps or boyfriend pimps, loverboys tactics have become one of the most common modus operandi exploiters use in recruiting and grooming their victims. There is a common pattern in the way loverboys operate: gifts, love,...

Establishing national focal points for medical support of victims of trafficking

(2014) Recommendations for EU Guidelines for the Establishment of National Focal Points for the Comprehensive Integrated Medical Support of Trafficked Victims

A practical guide for healthcare providers, law enforcement, NGOs & border guards

(2014) Human Trafficking: what to do? A practical guide for healthcare providers, law enforcement, NGOs & border guards

Handbook for professionals at the interface of police and health authorities

(2014) The aim of this handbook is to contribute to the development of skills and the implementation of good practices for better medical protection of trafficked victims. In addition, the objective is to improve cooperation between the medical field, law enforcement, the justice system and...