Life Beyond the Shelter

In October 2019 Payoke has launched “Life Beyond the Shelter” (LIBES), an EU funded project aiming to ensure positive long-term integration for third-country national victims of trafficking in the host society by reinforcing support in the transition from shelter life to independence.

Whereas, in virtually every Member State there is a support system in place providing for the immediate
and short-term needs of victims, longer-term assistance can be a challenge. Short-term assistance alone is generally insufficient to support integration. Once victims leave the shelter, they are on their own, coping with multiple tasks and trying to move on with their lives, often in a country foreign to them and with modest language skills. In this phase, shelters and social services strive to continue to provide help, often in the form of outpatient care, but they hardly have the resources to ensure close and comprehensive followup.

LIBES is implemented by five victims support organizations: Payoke and CAW from Belgium, On the Road from Italy, Fundacio’ Surt from Spain and Solwodi from Germany.

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