Stories of victims of trafficking like snowflakes on Instagram

18/10/2019 – On the occasion of EU Anti-trafficking day 2019, anti-trafficking organizations across Europe have joined efforts to launch Like a Snowflake (likeasnowflakeaction), an awareness-raising campaign that sheds light on the real stories of victims.

The campaign, promoted by Payoke and  Fundació Apip-Acam from Barcelona, can be viewed on Istagram (likeasnowflakeaction) as a series of photos of victims of trafficking taken from behind, with their hands in the air. Every victim tells their stories, in their own words. Whereas for the photos, impersonators may have been used to protect the privacy and safety of the survivors, the narratives are authentic.

Every five stories, there is an informative post about human trafficking, based on official data provided by the European Commission.

The underlying message is that just like every snowflake is unique, every survivor’s story is different. The campaign highlights that human trafficking is not about statistics; it’s about people, and all the pain and hardship, the achievements and setbacks in the rehabilitation and healing process reveal the inner beauty of surviving evil.

By sharing the stories of survivors, the participating organizations want to raise awareness about human trafficking and the work they do to help those they serve. “We want to help change the way people think and respond to exploitation.” Said Patsy Sörensen, founder of Payoke, “We want to show the many facets of trafficking and how the no one person’s story is alike We want to show the beauty and strength that can come from surviving something so heinous.”

“We want to highlight this is not a minor crime that affects few people, but that we are facing a widespread criminal enterprise and major violation of human rights  in Europe and globally.” said Josep Ricou Barceló, President of Fundació Apip-Acam from Barcelona.

Like a Snowflake will run for the coming months, with a new post added every day.

For additional information please contact:

Payoke, Silvia Lamonaca, silvia.lamonaca@payoke.be

Fundació Apip-Acam: Natalia Massé, sefoir@fundacioapipacam.org