Payoke to speak at the Summer Symposium of the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking (CCARHT) at Cambridge University

25/06/2020 – For the second year in a row now, Payoke has been invited to speak at the Summer Symposium of the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking (CCARHT) at Cambridge university.

This year Payoke’s Director Klaus Vanhoutte will address the difficult trajectory victims and social workers are facing when embarking on the long road to recovery. The entanglement with the perpetrator, the denial, the defiance, the acceptance, the relapses and the slow development towards a worthy future. In particular the realisation, for social workers, that they cannot really help unless the for and try to remedy the root causes of this “Perfect combination” between victim and perpetrator.

Payoke will be part of the panel on Wednesday July 1, at 14:00. Registrations at Eventbrite

About the CCARHT Summer Symposium

All here at CCARHT are excited that the fifth annual symposium kicks off in just one short week’s time. Yet again we have gathered a stunning multi-disciplinary team of experts and voices from around the world to advance the conversation on human trafficking with a particular focus on the SDGs.

If you have not yet registered, drop on here to secure your seat around the table29th June – 3rd July 2020 – Single Sessions, Full Days and Whole Week discounted for Students.  Also please do let your colleagues know by spreading the link on your social media and your email lists and networks. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to enable upskilling in your teams with this being for this period of Pandemic exclusively ON _ LINE.

With tough challenges presented around surrogacy and adoption,  climate change and migration, securing a more level playing field post Covid 19 and the Decent Work agenda, and addressing the appalling collapse in global prosecutions against this heinous and ubiquitous global crime type, we have much to dig into, and some tough conversations to be having together.

  • former UK  Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland
  • former US Ambassador to monitor and dismantle Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking  Lou C de Baca
  • Harriet Lamb CEO of Ashden – speaking to Climate Change
  • HM Thompson – Oba of Eti-Onyi Nigeria
  • Professor Daisy Khan University of Columbia
  • Mary Honeyball (former London Labour MEP) and author of the Honeyball Report
  • Commander Ashok (former head of Indian Naval forces and now Development lead in Asia of International Justice Mission)
  • Valiant Richey OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings.
  • Jim Gamble Director of Ineqe and former Director of CEOPS (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command UK)
  • Bake Off Judge Prue Leith and her award winning documentary director daughter Li-Da Kruger Director and Producer of Prue Leith: Journey with My Daughter’ (Channel 4, 2020),
  • Professor Gonda Van Steen KCL UK
  • Aidan McQuade Independent Consultant and former CEO of Anti Slavery International
  • Professor Soulla Louca  Director of the Blockchain Institute University of Nicosia
  • Dr Simon Stockley  Judge Business School
  • Professor PM Nair  TATA Institute Mumbai
  • Aaron Kahler  the Anti Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative
  • Neill Wilkins Institute for Human Rights and Business
  • Professor David Smollin  Sandford University Alabama
  • Guillaume Soto-Mayor  CLAM Paris
  • Professor Brad Blitz  UCL UK
  • Representatives from the GLAA – Gang Masters Licensing and Labour Abuse Authority
  • Alison Kiehl Friedman  ICAR  USA
  • Dame Julie Okah Dokun  Director of NAPTIP Nigeria
  • Gaon Hart  Head of Anti-Corruption unit HSBC
  • Ezgi Yaman
  • Payman Shamsian  Director of Street Children
  • Professor David Smolin  University of Samford, Alabama, USA
  • Dr Pauline Aweto  London
  • Dr Simona La Placa  Lecturer in Health Care  Palermo University Italy

With over 65 panelists recognized as leading international experts in their fields assembled, this is an exceptional opportunity to raise your own, or your teams, or your mentees expertise and qualifications. Do check out the full schedule of speakers and over 17 panels constituted for a full week of discussion, learning, presentations and development of this essential conversation between anti Trafficking in People, tasks, and the most pertinentProfessor Sustainable Development Goals.  With only a decade to go until the SDGs are called to account this is a significant symposium seeking to set some of the agendas for this next critical decade, in the midst of Covid 19 times.

Being ON LINE has allowed us to develop a dense, and fully flexible programme of single sessions, (which can be accessed for exceptional value here –  and generous  daily rates for students, along with a week-long benefit of two professionally valued Certificates of Participation from the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking and the Forward Institute in the University of Nicosia. This is a symposium you will not want to miss.  We look forward to seeing you.

To view the full Timetable of 17 separable sessions (in panels of experts bringing their expertise to the table and then working through with questions from delegates) , lists of speakers and grab your seat around some of the fascinating panels we have curated, drop across to www.ccarht.org/site/2020-summer-sympoisum  now.  Tickets on Eventbrite and individual sessions bookable on  www.ccarhtevents.org. Don’t delay there are only five days till we start, and tickets are limited.

Grab yourself a virtual chair, a warm brew, and bring your brains, passion, political savvy and students to the table.  See you soon.

Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking