Who we are

Payoke is a non-governmental organization that fights against the trading and exploitation of people.

We are one of the three government recognized shelters and support centres for victims of human trafficking in Belgium. Victims of human trafficking are women, men and children recruited for the purpose of exploitation in prostitution, labour, begging, forced criminal activities and organ trafficking.


14 uur per dag

Het jobagentschap beloofde mij een loon.

Uiteindelijk werkte ik voor 14 uur per dag op een bouwwerf.

We sliepen in een garage zonder verwarming. We dachten dat we uiteindelijk wel betaald zouden worden.

Enkel de restjes…

Mijn taken leken wel eindeloos.

Ik moest het huis van de kelder tot in de nok kuisen.

Na 20 uren was ik nog niet klaar. Ik moest door het vuilnis naar de restjes van het eten van mijn baas scharrelen.

What we do


Payoke is one of the three support centres authorized by the Belgian government to assist victims of human trafficking. The program we offer, lasting two to three years, is designed to support the victim from first response to the end of the judicial proceedings.


We work with each victim to develop an individual plan that helps them access their rights and rebuild their future. We offer our clients legal and administrative assistance and psychological counselling, we help them consider options for continuing education, vocational training and job placement.


Payoke runs awareness-raising initiatives and campaigns encouraging involvement from governments, civil society and individuals to inspire action and help prevent modern slavery.