Payoke heeft alleen al in 2018 meer dan 160 slachtoffers van mensenhandel begeleid

18/10/2019- 18 oktober is de Europese dag tegen de mensenhandel. Een ideale gelegenheid voor het Vlaamse referentiecentrum voor slachtoffers van me

Are you a victim of human trafficking? You have rights!

18/10/2019 -Payoke joins the prevention campaign launched by the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) and European Member States s on 17 Octob

Stories of victims of trafficking like snowflakes on Instagram

18/10/2019 – On the occasion of EU Anti-trafficking day 2019, anti-trafficking organizations across Europe have joined efforts to launch

Already 110 case-files have been opened for victims of loverboys at Payoke

GVA 10/10/2019 – When Antwerp rapper Soufiane Eddyani dedicated a song to his friend ‘Moreno’ early this year, who was convicted

Action against human trafficking in Bruges

Focus on WTV – 30/07/2019 – The Bruges town hall will turn blue on Tuesday evening as a result of the World Day against Human Trafficki

Payoke’s project Voices of Hope wins MSD HealthNest prize

27/03/2019  HealthNest by MSD, the incubator of health wisdom ideas in Belgium, announces which ideas submitted have won the coaching program. Af

Politics, the media, justice and police, they have all left the victims of teenage pimps to their fate

NWS, 27/03/2019 – Yesterday in “Pano” young girls testified about how they got caught in the web of teenage pimps. As a result of

“I don’t dare to count how many hands have touched my body”

Humo, 11/12/2018 – A loverboy is acquitted in Antwerp, five clients of a minor victim of a Romeo pimp are also released. At the gates of Flem

Klaus Vanhoutte, Director of PAYOKE, says governments are obliged to provide shelter to victims of trafficking

Kibris Gazetesi, Cyprus, 8/11/2018 – Klaus Vanhoutte, Director of PAYOKE, said the state is obliged to provide accommodation for victims of

“After 2 years of teenage prostitution, the damage is irreparable”.

De Morgen, 3/11/2018 – Het Nederlandse meldpunt Watch Nederland zegt dat de handel van tienerpooiers is geëxplodeerd en de grens is overgest

Patsy Sorensen: “N-VA is really making efforts to help us”.

Knack, 13/8/2018 – Officieel is Patsy Sörensen met pensioen, maar ze strijdt nog altijd met evenveel energie. Vorige week mocht ze voor het

“Antwerp is the epicenter of loverboys making more and more young victims”

HLN, 31/07/2018 – In Antwerpen heeft Bart De Wever (N-VA) vandaag als eerste burgemeester een bezoek gebracht aan de vzw Payoke, een opvang-