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the debt a Nigerian sex slave has to repay


victims of loverboys assisted by Payoke at the moment


types of products we buy that come from child or forced labor

14 hours a day

The job agency promised me a salary.

I ended up working 14 hours a day in a demolition site.

We slept in a garage, with no heating. We thought we would get paid eventually.

Eating leftovers

My chores seemed endless.

I had to clean the house from top to bottom.

After 20 hours I wasn’t done yet. I had to eat my boss’ leftovers or scavenge through the trash.

The witch doctor

The witch doctor kept bits of my hair and blood.

If I refused to obey my Madam, my mother and brothers may have died.

I love them so much.

I did it for protection

I was only 8, and on my own.

They made me beg and steal.

I didn’t do it for fun. I only wanted to be protected.

Just like a fairy tale

I fell in love.

It was just like a fairy tale.

Then one day my loverboy asked me to have paid sex with his friend.