Shelter & support

Belgium has three support centers that are specialised in offering support to victims of human trafficking. Payoke is the oldest one of the three. Based on years of experience we offer different forms of support, but everyone is unique and has their own needs. We therefore prioritise getting to know the person in front of us before deciding the best next steps.

We can offer 45 days of safe housing if there are serious suspicions of human trafficking or smuggling with aggravating circumstances (learn more about human trafficking).

During these first 45 days, victims can just take a breather to be able to thoroughly evaluate what they want their next steps to be. We will be there to talk, give advice and inform them of their options and the requirements for the different paths they can choose, but ultimately it is the victim that decides what they need.

If a victim does decide to join the program we offer support until they are ready for full autonomy and to take their life in their own hands, plus all juridical procedures have been concluded. How long this takes depends on the person and their case, but generally it is between 2-3 years.

More information on the forms of guidance we offer during the program can be found here.


A reader-friendly brochure in 22 languages to enhance presumed victims’ understanding of their situation, improve their self-report capacity and illustrate the services available to them – download

The Payoke Way, A manual on how to establish and operate a shelter for victims of human trafficking, based on years of practical experience – download