Join the fight!

You’ve already made the first step by educating yourself on the topic of human trafficking! The next one is to spread the word, buy responsibly, take a stand and hold public authorities as well as businesses accountable. And if you can can afford it, your financial support will go a long way as well:


Your donation makes a significant difference! It helps to detect, protect and support victims and ensures we can continue the fight for a world without slavery!


Do you have time and skill to make a contribution to the lives of a survivor of human trafficking?  This is how you can help us:

Translations, interpreting, IT maintenance, IT training, graphic design, photography, etc.


Payoke operates a confidential, multilingual and free of charge helpline for victims, survivors, and witnesses of human trafficking.

Whether calling as a victim of exploitation or concerned loved one, our staff are ready to listen and trained to help you:

+32 (0) 3 201 16 90