LILA: protecting victims of gender-based violence, including victims of loverboy traffickers

Launched in March 2022, the EU-funded project LILA aims to design and pilot a comprehensive psychosocial support program for women and girls victims of gender-based violence and their children, with a close look at the needs arising from the Covid-19 crisis .

Special consideration will be given to migrant and refugee women and victims of trafficking through the loverboy modus operandi , as particularly vulnerable groups exposed to multiple forms of violence, and to the severe consequences of the pandemic.

Implemented by a consortium of four organizations in Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Spain, the project will:

-develop a protocol for psycho-social support to increase women’s resilience, help them escape abusive relationships, regain autonomy, and prevent further victimization

-strengthen survivor’s economic independence through training and job activation

-foster and enhance multi-agency cooperation to increase the capacity of stakeholders and relevant professionals to provide support to survivors

raise awareness about gender-based violence

The LILA project contributes to achieving the objectives of the Istanbul Convention, the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, the EU Victims’ Rights Directive, and the EU Gender Equality Strategy.

We are grateful to Child Focus , JEZ11 , Viner Bloom , and Grow Up for being members of the LILA Advisory Board.

Project Partners: ABD (ES), ACRA (IT), Diotima (GR), Payoke.



Desk Research: Service Analysis and Country Scenarios on GBV after the Covid-19 pandemic in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Spain EN  NL  IT  CAT  GR