AMELIE: increasing the capacity of health care and frontline service providers

Trafficking is not only a serious violation of human rights but also an individual and a public health problem at the same time. The forms of abuse that trafficking victims experience affect their physical and mental health. However, to date, there has been very limited engagement by the global health community in the dialogue on or responses to trafficking, with the health needs of victims having received limited attention when compared with law enforcement and immigration responses.

Launched in November 2021, AMELIE is an EU-funded 24-month multi-country project designed to increase the capacity of health care and frontline service providers to identify and safely refer and provide gender- and trauma-sensitive services to trafficked persons, with a focus on adult women.

Composed of 5 victim support organizations from Belgium, Greece, Germany, and Italy, AMELIE aims to:

  • Facilitate early identification through training, awareness-raising, and dissemination of tools for enhanced identification and referral targeting approx. 5,000 professionals and multipliers;
  • Enhance the capacity of around 240 healthcare professionals through dedicated learning tools;
  • Improve multi-stakeholder cooperation among key anti-trafficking actors to reinforce national and transnational referral mechanisms;
  • Address the challenges of identification and support in emergency settings highlighting the shift from in-person to online service provision and vice versa;
  • Support the empowerment of 180 survivors and their access to psycho-social and specialized medical assistance including counseling, referrals, and workshops based on victims’ needs/desires (e.g. yoga classes, healthy pregnancy and prenatal care, sports, sexual and reproductive health workshops, parental education, and informative sessions on rights);
  • Raise awareness on the wider public on trafficking and thus enhance the integration of trafficked persons.

The AMELIE consortium is led by KMOP (EL), and comprises Solwodi (DE), Differenza Donna (IT), Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (IT) and Payoke.

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