INHERE: Holistic care for victims of sexual violence

“Inclusive Holistic carE for Refugee and migrant victims of sexual violation in Belgium, Ireland and UK”, INHeRE, is an EU-funded project launched on November 1st, 2019, whose aim is to improve holistic care for migrants, applicants of international protection and refugees who have been sexually victimized, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation and/or legal status.

INHeRE targets multi-sector professionals at asylum reception facilities, Sexual Assault Care Centres (SACCs), police authorities, clinical psychologists, and intercultural mediators. Specific attention is paid to care pathways inclusive for victims who are male, LGBT+ and/or victims of trafficking.

The 2-year long program is expected to empower survivors of sexual violence to claim their rights and stand up to abuse by accessing holistic care and adequate legal assistance. It is also meant to strengthen multi-agency cooperation and the capacity of professionals to assist migrant, refugee and trafficked victims.

The project results from the collaboration of the University of Ghent, acting as Coordinator, the Irish Department of Justice and Equality, the Federal Public Service for Public Health of Belgium, the Havens (3 SACC’s hosted by the Kings’ College Hospital in the UK), Victim Support Europe and Payoke.

Project results:

Project website

Good practice tool for police hearings with migrant, applicant for international protection,
refugee (MAR), trafficked, and LGBT+ victims of sexual violence EN   NL  IT   FR

Safe reporting for migrant victims of sexual violence: Mapping policies in Belgium, Ireland, and the UK EN

Triage Tool for identification, care and referral of victims of sexual violence at European asylum reception and accommodation initiatives EN  NL  FR IT