Immediate danger?

Are you in immediate danger? call 112 and contact the police. As soon as you are safe, you can contact us. You can also ask the police to contact us, they have our details and can reach us 24/7 (at any hour, any day).

Contact us

Call: +32 (0)3 201 16 90 (work days between 9:00-17:00h)
E-mail: admin@payoke.be
Facebook: facebook.com/payokevzw

Underaged while being exploitated? Contact the LBTP-team:
Call: +32 (0)3 201 16 90 (work days between 9:00-17:00h)
E-mail: TraffickingLBTP@payoke.be

What happens when you contact us?

All our services are free & confidential. You can also contact us anonymously: you don’t need to state your full or true name when you call for information or to schedule an appointment.

We'll listen to you to understand the situation. If we feel you might be a victim of human trafficking we'll make a follow-up appointment at a safe location. If we do not think your situation is one of human trafficking, we'll try to find a different organisation that could help you.

During the follow-up meeting we'll discuss your situation further. If it becomes clear that you are possibly a victim of human trafficking, we'll explain your rights, the available support and procedure for protection.

In the end, the choice is yours. You can choose to, accept our offer of the protection procedure but there is no obligation. If you prefer not to, we'll look for alternative support that you'll feel more comfortable with and you're always welcome if you change your mind later and want to come back to us.

Are you a victim?

If you are unsure the questions below can help you figure out whether you could be victim of human trafficking. You can also consult our multi-lingual brochure (22 languages) which explains what human trafficking is, to help you evaluate whether or not you might be a victim.


Are you forced to do things you do not want to do?

Do you work long hours for little or no money?

Are you forced to keep working, even if you are sick or hurt?

Is some on threatening you, your family or your loved ones?

Is some on controlling you or monitoring your actions and movements?

Do you feel stuck in this situation and that there is no real alternative?

Have you answered YES to or more 2 of the questions above? You could be victim of human trafficking. No need to hesitate to contact us, we’ll discuss your situation and will always try to find a solution together.