Need help?

We’re here for you, to listen to support you to develop a plan on how to approach this. Do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect you might be a victim of human trafficking or you might know a possible victim of human trafficking.

All our services are free of charge and confidential. If you prefer it, you can contact us anonymously to discuss the situation, you do not need to tell us you name.

Are you a victim?

Are you in immediate danger? Call 112 and ask for the police. As soon as you are safe you can contact us, or ask the police to contact us (they can reach us 24/7).

Here you’ll find more information on how to contact us and what happens when you do.

Do you know a victim?

There are indicators that can help you confirm whether it is indeed human trafficking. Here you’ll find a checklist that can help you. You can also download them in Dutch below.

Payoke works directly with the victim, so if you feel that it is a case of human trafficking, definitely refer the victim to us, show them the support we could give and suggest that they contact us. You can also accompany them to meet with us, but conversations we have are always private and with only the victim.

Are you a professional?

There are several indicators that -if present simultaneously- can help you detect human trafficking. You can find more information here on how to recognize human trafficking and what you can do with and for possible victims.