Inclusive, holistic care for migrant and refugee victims of sexual violence

The EU-funded project “Inclusive, holistic care for migrant and refugee victims of sexual violence” (INHeRE), coordinated by Prof. Ines Keygnaert, from the University of Ghent, with the participation of a broad consortium, Payoke, aims to strengthen the capacity building of key professionals working with vulnerable migrant victims of sexual violence through tailored tools and streamlined care pathways across professions, from identification to referral and care.

Amongst the project results released to date, the Good Practice Tool for Police Interviews, developed by Payoke, aims to guide law enforcement professionals on trauma-informed practices applicable to police hearings EN  NL

Also available are the study  “Safe reporting for migrant victims of sexual violence: Mapping policies in Belgium, Ireland, and the UK” EN

“Triage Tool for identification, care and referral of victims of sexual violence at European asylum reception and accommodation initiatives » EN  NL  FR IT