Selling people on the local market?

TONY!, a Belgian youth movement, decided to sell people on a local market in Antwerp, Belgium. In Belgium, every year more than 800 people are a victim of human trafficking and sexual or economic exploitation. Read on to see what people's reaction was.

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Human Trafficking and Art: Barcoded Woman

Her painting, Barcoded woman, artist Marcelle Hanselaar painted after reading the newspaper on the train in Zurich. It was reported that a woman was found naked and chained to the radiator. She did not speak the language of the country and has long been held as a sex slave in that little room. On her wrist a barcode was tattooed with the price 2000 euro. That was the price that she could buy herself free.

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Payoke invites schools to take part in the fight against trafficking

Human trafficking is not limited to the harrowing stories of boat refugees on Lampedusa. Also here in Belgium there is economic exploitation, people end up in prostitution networks and young girls are victims of loverboys. Human trafficking is modern slavery. Therefore Payoke invites schools and teachers together with their students to join the fight against trafficking in human beings.

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Payoke organizes an action week and campaign "Fight against human trafficking" with the support of the city of Antwerp

The action week and campaign "Fight against human trafficking" is an initiative of vzw Payoke with the support of the city of Antwerp. The aim of the campaign is local awareness raising and fundraising for the fight against human trafficking. Buy and wear the tattoo as a conversation starter in the Action Week from 18 until October 25! More info:

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6th Annual International Symposium on Preventing Human Trafficking - 1st December 2015, Brussels

The problem of human trafficking is an increasingly disturbing phenomenon in Europe with terrible consequences for victims, the majority of whom are forced into various forms of sexual and labour exploitation. Human trafficking is widely recognised as a serious crime but progress in prosecution and conviction remains limited because of the complex nature of cases. This confirms the need to raise public awareness of trafficking, improve training in order to better identify victims, and develop better co-operation and multi-agency working – all are critical in the fight against trafficking. With the current humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean region and the proliferation of migrant smugglers, Public Policy Exchange will host this important annual symposium and welcomes the participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders.

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The Big Prostitution Debate

"The deal of paid love is honest and I find it more enjoyable than the apparent hardness which is held in a different world." So says Arnon Grunberg in his - partly autobiographical - novel Blue Mondays (1994). But while in literature and film prostitution is often associated with a trace of freedom, the "happy hooker" is still a one-sided picture of a complex reality. Is paid love not equally hypocritical? Are most prostitutes not forced to sell their bodies due to poverty or under pressure from loverboys or pimps? Curieus organises a lively debate on 11 December 2015 in the Vooruit in Gent. More information (in Dutch) here.

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Latest projects

"EU Guidelines" ISEC Project

EU Guidelines for the establishment of national focal points for the comprehensive integrated medical support of THB victims, establishment of a Belgian national focal point for the comprehensive integrated medical support of THB victims, development of a training program on THB for experts (focal point members) including health related topics activities.

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