Payoke ambassador, Jo Lemaire explores new musical horizons with Rotary

In 1980, Jo Lemaire was the opening act at Torhout-Werchter. In the 80s and 90s she made her international breakthrough with a varied repertoire of songs, funky pop and rock. Later she brought impressive tributes to Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf. In late May, the singer will be on the stage of the Arenbergschouwburg again with a completely new program. For the concert, an initiative of the Rotary Club of Antwerp - Wilrijk Ter Beke, she also brings only one musical instrument.

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RAVOT - EUR Project Call for Applications

For a national expert from Belgium for developing and writing the Training Manual about a Transnational Referral Mechanism for Victims of Human Trafficking among Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary. 

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Spanish prostitution network offered minors 'a la carte'

In Spain, a prostitution network that offered more than four hundred women, including minors, 'a la carte', has been rolled up. 29 people were arrested, reports the Ministry of Interior. In that action could also twelve minors were identified and released.

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Norwegian government evaluates new approach of prostitution laws positively

Following the example of Sweden, the Norwegian government introduced a law in 2009 that makes buying or paying for sexual services punishable by law. Offering sexual services remains immune from prosecution or punishment under this type of legislation that has become known as "the Swedish model".

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Latest projects

"EU Guidelines" ISEC Project

EU Guidelines for the establishment of national focal points for the comprehensive integrated medical support of THB victims, establishment of a Belgian national focal point for the comprehensive integrated medical support of THB victims, development of a training program on THB for experts (focal point members) including health related topics activities.

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